Truck Bandit Productions is about helping Truck Dealerships sell semi trucks. We bring back the days of when you knew all your customers and they always came back. Before the Internet days of shopping endlessly.  

With the advancement of email and social media dealerships and other businesses can take back their customers and build a relationship with them again electronically.  

If you are a dealership that wants to sell more semi trucks, parts or trailers give us a call and we will help you build that email database, that Facebook page, that next thing that keeps you locked in with your customers.

We have been providing this service for over 5 years to a select group of dealers with amazing results.  One dealership we did such a good job we worked ourselves out of a job.  We created such a powerful social media platform that all they had to do was manage it and keep posting basic content.  

Another dealership we took their sales representative to the #1 position in the United States for Used Truck Sales for Volvo Trucks.

If you are tired of trying to navigate the ups and downs of the used truck market and want to have a back up when truck prices go down give us a call and we will help you build an electronic platform with your customers that will be FAST and Engaging.