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Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show

Last years Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show was amazing (2018). St. Ignace basically shuts down their city and lets the most amazing Show Trucks display all there amazing paint schemes, chrome stacks and detailed interiors and exteriors.

Just over the Mackinaw Bridge in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan is where the Richard Crane Memorial Truck show is held in a town called St. Ignace. The 2019 show is scheduled for September 13-15. Check here to see the official dates. If you have time you should check it out! Semi Trucks and Trailers lined up all downtown and all within nice easy walking distance. Most of the owners are next to their trucks and happy to show you what they have modified. And if the day time show wasn’t enough for you at dusk they all fire up their rigs and drive over the Mackinaw Bridge with all of them flashing LIGHTS!! Check out the video below it’s a pretty good representation of the quality of Semi Trucks that attend this show and maybe gives you an idea of what it takes to win a trophy!! And if you want some more cool information on Semi Trucks check out here it’s our homepage where we have information from Mid America to Onaway Speedway Semi Truck Pulls.